news 4 months ago

Working From Home? Here's How To Beef Up Your Savings

Wochit Postables
If you happen to be working from home and still drawing a regular paycheck, count your blessings. Then, count up all the money you can save while the world battles the coronavirus pandemic. According to Business Insider, one no-brainer source of money to set aside is what you'd normally spend on gas, tolls, and parking. What about lunch money? Although you're eating from home, you're undoubtedly paying less than you would for restaurant meals. Now might also be the time to learn how to do your own mani-pedis, haircuts, and hair coloring. That's serious money! Of course, if you want to support your nail technician, massage therapist, or other independent contractor, consider buying gift cards that you can redeem later. Finally, childcare expenses may go down to zero, or at least be seriously reduced. Take the money and save it, pay off your car, or save for vacation!