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'Playboy' Partners With Nifty Gateway to Release NFTs

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'Playboy' Partners With Nifty Gateway to Release NFTs . 'Playboy' has announced its plan to step into the world of crypto artwork collectibles. . The famed magazine brand has partnered with Nifty Gateway to release digital collectibles in the form of NFTs. . Nifty Gateway is an established marketplace for NFTs. . 'Playboy' will utilize its 67-year archive of classic photography and artwork. . It will also partner with modern artists on pieces and offer grants in support of “emerging and underrepresented artists entering the NFT art community.”. The first NFT drop will feature artwork from previous 'Playboy' print collaborator Mike “Slimesunday” Parisella. . Known for his erotic collage-style compositions, Parisella promoted the collaboration on Instagram with a teaser image. . 'Playboy' also announced a future NFT drop featuring 3D artist Blake Kathryn. . Kathryn’s Pride-themed collaborative piece will drop in June.