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How to Break Free From 'Doom-Scrolling'

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How to Break Free From 'Doom-Scrolling'. According to experts, , while "it might seem counterintuitive that we are hooked by bad news," . "our brains have actually evolved to pay more attention to negative news — and remember it longer — because it has a direct linkage to our survival.”. Doom-scrolling is an automatic behavior, where you lose the sense of time and you’re not consciously choosing to continue, Anne McLaughlin, Professor North Carolina State University, via 'The Washington Post'. Added to this, , with the infinite scroll “technology has become more addictive [by design],” by "playing on our primitive emotions — fear and outrage.". Becoming more conscious of how your technology hooks you can be key in helping you to break free of the doom-scrolling cycle. If you know what these platforms are offering to you and how the recommendation system works on the back end, then you can be a lot more critical and actively search for information, Sun Joo Ahn, Games and Virtual Environments UofG, via 'The Washington Post. The following tips for becoming more critical can be implemented immediately. Change your screen display to gray scale. Start clicking on different topics that interest you in order to retrain your algorithm. . Install screen-time limiting apps. Set timers to let yourself know when to put the screen down. Set your alarm to a favorite song to help keep you motivated