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Swing State Determinations Could Hinge on Rejected Mail-In Ballots

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Swing State Determinations, Could Hinge on Rejected Mail-In Ballots. Mail-in ballots are predicted to comprise nearly 60 percent of all the votes in the 2020 presidential election. That equates to nearly 70 million people. Voting experts say that the rejection rate of absentee ballots could hover around one to two percent. or more than one million ballots. This means that in battleground states, ballots that aren't counted could potentially equate to more votes for the losing candidate. The vote-by-mail ballot rejections are going to be the hanging chads of 2000, Daniel Smith, Political Science Professor University of Florida, via NBC News. Ballot rejection rates among people of color, women and younger voters have historically been higher. Ballot rejection rates are also often higher in states where mail-in ballots are less common. Such states include the battlegrounds of Wisconsin, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Nevada. 2020 mail-in ballots have already reached record numbers due to the coronavirus pandemic