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Kamala Harris’ ‘Vogue’ Cover Stirs Controversy

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Kamala Harris’ ‘Vogue’ Cover Stirs Controversy. ‘Vogue’ released its two February 2021 covers featuring Harris and shot by Tyler Mitchell. The official print cover caused quite a stir. The official print cover shows Harris in Converse sneakers, and as many have pointed out, in poor lighting and looking washed out. The digital cover features a tighter shot of the VP-elect in a blue suit, an image that was approved by her team for use. VP-Elect Harris’ team and 'Vogue' agreed that the blue suit image would grace the cover, leaving her team ‘blindsided’ by the publication’s choice. ‘Vogue’ has defended its selection, releasing an online article detailing the significance behind the image chosen. The team at Vogue … felt the more informal image captured Vice President-elect Harris’s authentic, approachable nature, Vogue representatives, via ‘Us'