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Half of Indiana School Districts Close on Red for Ed Day

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Half of Indiana School Districts Close on Red for Ed Day. The Red for Ed Action Day was organized by the Indiana State Teachers Association and various labor groups. Thousands of educators and supporters gathered at the Statehouse in Indianapolis Tuesday morning to demand improvements within the education system. Among their concerns, the Indiana State Teachers Association (ITSA) wants higher pay. According to the Indiana Education Employment Relations Board, teachers made an average of between $36,355 and $67,923 during the 2017-2018 school year. Additionally, the ISTA doesn't want state test scores to negatively affects schools and teachers. They also want a new professional development requirement repealed. We're hoping this brings attention to the issues and lets them know we're serious. I hope they consider the impact of their decisions and how they impacts schools, Metropolitan School District of Boone Township Superintendent Nathan Kleefisch. According to 'USA Today,' during a press conference on Monday, House Speaker Brian Bosma said the issue of teacher pay would likely have to wait until 2021. ISTA president Keith Gambill thinks waiting to fix the problem is unacceptable. We have more than 1 million students in public education. They can't wait for us to get to another budget year and they deserve better than this, ISTA president Keith Gambill, via statement