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Avoid Doing These Things Around Your COVID-19 Vaccination Dates

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Avoid Doing These Things Around Your , COVID-19 Vaccination Dates. As COVID-19 vaccines continue to roll out in the United States, you may be wondering how to best prepare for your vaccination day. Here are eight things that medical experts and the CDC advise you NOT to do leading up to and after your vaccination dates. . 1. DON’T take over-the-counter medications beforehand, They could hinder your body’s response to the vaccine. 2. DON’T book a tattoo or piercing close to your appointment. , Body modifications may stimulate an adverse immune response. . 3. DON’T overexert yourself if you're going to exercise, Listen to your body, and go from there. 4. DON’T schedule other vaccines around the same time, Not enough is known about how they’ll interact. 5. DON’T forget to hydrate before and after your shot, Hydration supports your immune system and its ability to function. . 6. DON’T forget to take a photo of your vaccine card, It’s important to have a backup copy, just in case. 7. DON’T wear clothes that make it difficult to access your upper arm, You want the area to be easily accessible for your vaccine administrator. . 8. DON’T worry about alcohol consumption, There aren’t any official reasons or recommendations to abstain. Just use common sense