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US Food Banks Strained by COVID-19 Crisis

US Food Banks Strained by COVID-19 Crisis Food bank directors are facing a new challenge in the era of COVID-19, causing management to overhaul the way they do business. While dealing with fewer volunteers and less in-person contact, these organizations must figure out how to handle the recent surge in food demands. Food banks and pantries have had to adopt alternative distribution methods in the age of social distancing, such as drive-through delivery. Brian Barks, CEO of Food Bank for the Heartland, normally spends about $73,000 per month buying food to distribute. Last month, as the coronavirus spread across the U.S., Barks reportedly spent $675,000. Grocery stores and markets that might ordinarily have extra food rations are seeing their stock depleted as the pandemic continues to spread around the country. In some cases, workers and volunteers must drive hundreds of miles to other states to get enough food to feed communities in need.