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Kanye West Documentary 2 Decades in the Making Bought by Netflix for $30 Million

Kanye West Documentary 2 Decades in the Making, Bought by Netflix for $30 Million. The docuseries is still untitled and incorporates personal videos and footage of West captured over the course of 21 years. . The $30 million price tag attached to the series was reported by 'Billboard,' but sources told 'Variety' that the figure is inaccurate. The series is said to explore the effects that the death of his mother had on him, as well as his brief 2020 presidential campaign. It is not currently clear how much of his marriage and impending divorce from Kim Kardashian will be featured. The series will likely drop sometime this year. West's pioneering music career is highlighted by albums that are considered representative of their eras. Beyond the world of music, West has maintained his status as a controversial celebrity