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Doc Rivers Frustrated With NBA Coach's Challenge Rule

Doc Rivers Frustrated With NBA Coach's Challenge Rule. The Clippers coach lost a challenge during the fourth quarter . of Los Angeles' 129-124 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks on Wednesday. The call in question was an offensive foul drawn by Milwaukee's Eric Bledsoe on Clippers' guard Lou Williams. That was awful. It was. They should've overturned it. That's why I hate the rule. Nobody wants to be wrong. Let me just say that. , Doc Rivers, via statement. You have to overturn that. Unless Bledsoe fouled Lou with his face, there was no foul on that play. , Doc Rivers, via statement. NBA coaches are allowed to use one challenge per game. There must be clear and conclusive visual evidence to overturn the original call. Rivers is now 0-for-2 in coach's challenges this season