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Trump's YouTube Channel Suspended

Newser — Evann Gastaldo

President Trump was dealt another internet blow Tuesday night when YouTube suspended his channel. The Google-owned company says one of the videos on the channel earned a strike under its policies, and the channel will be suspended for at least a week, at which point the decision will be revisited.

The video in question incited violence, CNN reports, and has been removed entirely. Videos from the official White House channel have also been removed for violating YouTube's policies, the company says.

Trump's channel will be unable to upload any new videos or livestream while it is suspended, and comments under existing videos have been disabled. Another strike will get it a two-week suspension, while a third will get it permanently banned.

YouTube is essentially the last major site to silence Trump in some fashion. Axios on Monday ran down all the sites that have issued restrictions on Trump or his followers; in addition to Facebook and Twitter banning or suspending the president himself, Reddit has banned the subreddit dedicated to him, Twitch has disabled his channel, Shopify has taken down his organization and his campaign's online stores, Snapchat has disabled his account, and many more sites have taken similar actions.

Reuters reports Trump aides and supporters were turning to platforms like Gab and MeWe after Parler, too, was rendered basically unusable. Politico notes that in his first comments to reporters since the Capitol riot, Trump railed at tech companies for blocking him.

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