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Trump: I Wish Georgia Law Came Sooner

Newser — Bob Cronin

Former President Trump has denounced Major League Baseball for pulling this year's All-Star Game out of Atlanta, but Georgia's new voting law still seems to be something of a disappointment to him.

"Too bad the desperately needed election reforms in Georgia didn't go further, as their originally approved Bill did, but the Governor and Lt. Governor would not go for it," Trump said in a statement released Tuesday by his Save America PAC.

He also would have appreciated it sooner, Axios reports, implying it would have helped his failed reelection bid. "This Bill should have been passed before the 2020 Presidential Election, not after," Trump said.

He cited signature-matching as one provision that didn't make the final version, per MSN.

More than 100 corporations and chief executives have objected to the bill's curbs on voting.

"Unnecessary restrictions on the right to vote strike at the heart of representative government," said a statement from the Business Roundtable, per Axios. Trump's support for restrictions could boost Republican efforts in other states.

Microsoft called it "essential for the business community to stand together in opposition to the harmful provisions and other similar legislation that may be considered elsewhere." On Tuesday, Trump renewed his call for punishing corporations that have opposed the law.

"Boycott all of the woke companies that don’t want Voter I.D. and Free and Fair Elections," his statement said. (Mitch McConnell on Tuesday said it's "stupid" for corporations to get political.)

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