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Trudeau: 'This Sucks. It Really, Really Does'

Newser — Rob Quinn

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau summed up 2020 in a single sentence in a press briefing Tuesday: "We are in the middle of an unprecedented global pandemic that really sucks," he said.

In some parts of the country, new case numbers are now higher than they were during the first wave of infections in the spring, the CBC reports.

"This sucks, it really, really does," Trudeau told reporters. "It's going to be a tough winter. Nobody wanted 2020 to be this way, but we do get to control how bad it gets by all of us doing our part." He said he realizes that Canadians are tired of "annoying" restrictions but urged them to keep up their efforts.

"Unless we're really, really careful, there may not be the kinds of family gatherings we want to have at Christmas," Trudeau said. He said his 6-year-old son Hadrien recently asked if the pandemic would last forever.

"We will get through this," Trudeau promised. "Vaccines are on the horizon. Spring and summer will come and they will be better than this winter." Political science professor Lori Turnbell tells the Guardian that Trudeau's candid assessment of the crisis doesn't seem to be part of a media strategy.

"We're seeing political leaders in Canada use more blunt, plain language," she says. "Not because it’s overtly strategic, but because we're in a crisis and we're stuck here and we hate it."

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