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School Reverses Itself on a COVID Suspension

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A Georgia teen will be back in school Monday after her high school reversed itself on her suspension. Hannah Watters, 15, got into trouble with officials at North Paulding High School when she posted a photo and a video earlier this week showing crowded hallways and few students wearing masks.

Hannah received a five-day suspension for, among other things, violating the school's social media policy and posting images of minors without permission. On Friday, though, she tweeted that the school had lifted her suspension.

“The principal just said that they were very sorry for any negative attention that this has brought upon her, and that in the future they would like for her to come to the administration with any safety concerns she has,” mom Lynne Watters tells the Washington Post.

Hannah wasn't the only student to post images on social media, and she wasn't the only student suspended, though it was unclear whether the other suspensions had been lifted as well.

School officials were not commenting. (New York state schools got the green light to open in the fall.)

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