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Navalny's Latest Pic Shows His 'Clear Path' to Recovery

Newser — Jenn Gidman

What a difference a few weeks make. Alexei Navalny is not only out of his coma and communicating with family and medical staff in the Berlin hospital where he's being treated—he's also out of bed.

Per Reuters, the 44-year-old Russian opposition leader, who it's now widely believed was poisoned with a Novichok nerve agent, posted a pic on Instagram Saturday showing himself dressed in a T-shirt and light-colored jeans and descending a stairwell in the Charite hospital.

"Let me tell how my recovery is going," he writes. "It is already a clear path, although a long one."

"There are many problems yet to be solved, but amazing doctors ... have solved the main one," he adds, noting that those issues include him having trouble doing simple tasks like pouring water into a glass, using his phone, and climbing stairs due to shaky legs.

But there's one thing he can do, as per his tongue-in-cheek addendum: "They turned me from a 'technically alive human being' into someone who has high chances to become ... a man who can quickly scroll Instagram and understands without thinking where to put his likes."

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