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'Historic' Mega Millions Win Just Happened Here

Newser — Jenn Gidman

Someone in Michigan, or who's recently been there, just added a whole lot of zeros to their bank account balance. Only one ticket had the lucky numbers—4-26-42-50-60, with a Mega Ball of 24—for Friday's $1 billion Mega Millions drawing, and a Mega Millions release calls it a "historic" win: It's the second-largest jackpot ever for the lottery game, with only a $1.537 billion win in South Carolina in 2018 surpassing it, and the third-largest lottery payout ever, a lottery spokesperson tells CNN.

The winner, who hasn't been IDed, will get about $740 million if they choose the lump-sum cash option. The odds of scooping up this prize were 1 in 302,575,350.

A statistics expert tells USA Today that "humans are not naturally equipped to understand such big numbers," so he explains it thusly: Imagine placing 302,575,350 dollar bills down on football fields until you run out of bills—it would fill up close to 600 fields.

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