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He Showed Up at Beer Garden Barefoot, With a Corpse: Cops

Newser — Arden Dier

A drunk driver fatally struck a pedestrian, who went through the windshield and into the passenger seat, before driving on with the body to a beer garden, according to police in Texas.

Officers in South Austin responded to witness reports of a car driving recklessly without headlights on around 10:30pm Saturday to find car and body parts lining a half-mile of road, per the Austin American-Statesman.

At the end of the trail was the beer garden, where Paul Joseph Garcia, 24, had caused quite a stir, turning up barefoot and covered in blood.

It matched "the blood and body tissue found coated in the interior" of the 2014 Ford Focus that Garcia had calmly left, according to an arrest affidavit.

Police believe Garcia failed to brake as he struck the unidentified pedestrian, who was pushing a shopping cart in the road. The person was described as having extreme head injuries, along with detached body parts.

"The impact with the vehicle pushed the cart into a cluster of mailboxes with enough force to bend a 2-inch-diameter galvanized steel post that supported mailboxes," the affidavit notes.

It adds the driver continued "for one-half miles with a mangled corpse in the vehicle." Garcia, arrested after sobriety tests, was booked into the Travis County Correctional Complex on charges of intoxication manslaughter with a vehicle and accident involving injury.

His bail is set at $110,000, per KVUE.

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