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Facebook Freezes Maduro for 'Miracle Drops' Claim

Newser — Luke Roney

Claims that an oral solution derived from the herb thyme neutralizes coronavirus has prompted Facebook to freeze Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s page, Reuters reports. “We follow guidance from the WHO that says there is currently no medication to cure the virus,” a Facebook spokesman tells the outlet.

“Due to repeated violations of our rules, we are also freezing the page for 30 days, during which it will be read-only.” In a video, since deleted by Facebook, Maduro called Carvativir solution “miracle drops” that can cure COVID-19 with no side effects, which Facebook says violates its policy against claims “that something can guarantee prevention from getting COVID-19 or can guarantee recovery from COVID-19.” Maduro isn’t the first world leader to face repercussions from social media companies, the BBC notes: Former President Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s president, both faced actions for COVID posts.

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