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Elizabeth Warren Made $1.9M for Private Legal Work

Newser — Rob Quinn

"Millionaire legal consultant" is not the image Sen. Elizabeth Warren is trying to project to voters, but figures released by her campaign Sunday show that she made close to $2 million from consulting and other private legal work during her career as a law professor.

Her campaign released figures showing her compensation for around 50 cases she was involved with while teaching at Harvard and other universities, reports the Wall Street Journal.

The move comes amid a dispute over transparency and potential conflicts of interest with rival Pete Buttigieg. He has called for her to release tax returns from the years she was doing consulting work, although aides say Warren feels that releasing almost four decades of tax returns would be excessive.

"Look, I’ve already put out 11 years of my tax returns. That’s exactly 11 years more than Donald Trump," Warren told reporters over the weekend. Warren specialized in bankruptcy issues, and her clients included major corporations and financial firms, the Washington Post notes.

The figures show she made at least $1.9 million, although no compensation records were listed for five cases. Warren has urged Buttigieg to release his client list from his years at consulting firm McKinsey & Co —and to allow reporters into his private fundraisers.

Warren's communication director, Kristen Orthman, issued a statement saying: "Elizabeth does not sell access to her time—no closed door big dollar fundraisers, no bundling program, no perks or promises to any wealthy donor.”

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