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Cops: Tiger Woods Applied 99% Pressure to Gas in Crash

Newser — Kate Seamons

Tiger Woods was driving in an unsafe manner at the time of his Feb. 23 car crash in California, and Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva on Wednesday detailed what that looked like.

The data recorder from Woods' Genesis GV80 SUV showed that Woods failed to "negotiate the curve of the roadway" while traveling "at an unsafe speed for the road conditions" of 84 to 87mph, Villanueva said.

The New York Times reports the speed limit was 45mph, and he was traveling 75mph when his car hit a tree. As for earlier reports that Woods never hit the brakes, the data recorder shows he applied 99% pressure to the accelerator throughout the crash, leading officials to believe he was trying to brake but his foot hit the gas unintentionally.

Villanueva said there was no indication of any impairment and said police did not review whether Woods was texting because it was unnecessary to do so, per CNBC.

The findings won't lead to a ticket, as being cited for reckless driving would require police to establish the 45-year-old had engaged in a number of violations—like changing lanes in an unsafe manner—leading up to the crash, or for there to be witnesses to his speeding.

Villanueva also shot down any suggestions that Woods received "special or preferential treatment," calling that "absolutely false."

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