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Marianne Williamson Mistakenly Slams Trump

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Marianne Williamson is still a 2020 candidate for president, though she hasn't been generating much attention in the media. That changed Monday, but not in a good way.

It seems that Williamson got snookered by a satirical article and condemned President Trump for doing something he hadn't done—pardoning Charles Manson, reports the Hill.

Shortly before 1am Monday, Williamson posted a since-deleted tweet declaring that "there is something deeply sinister about Trump pardoning" Manson, "even posthumously." She soon posted a correction, saying she was "glad to have been wrong," but then she deleted both the original and the correction, notes the Washington Post.

The gaffe isn't going over well. "This is a woman who gets furious when she's told that she's unserious and not prepared to run," tweeted journalist Yashar Ali.

So what happened? The website Snopes seems to have figured it out. A site called originally posted a fake "Trump pardons Manson" article, and it was reposted by the liberal Daily Kos website—though in something called a "dailynooze" section not vetted by the Daily Kos staff, according to a disclaimer at the top.

A disclaimer at the bottom says, "Warning—this could be 'fake' nooze," but the headline on the piece is straightforward ("Trump Pardons Charles Manson"), and the best guess is Williamson spotted it there and thought it was legit.

In fairness, many commenters on the Daily Kos site said they were initially fooled as well.

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