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Katie Hill Describes Wanting to Kill Herself During Scandal

Newser — Bob Cronin

As scandal closed in on her, former Rep. Katie Hill says, politicians and commentators were talking about her downfall in a way that sounded like she was dead.

"I'm not," Hill writes in the New York Times, "though sometimes I’ve wished to be." So she picked up a paring knife and drew a bath.

"I felt like I was out of my body, like it was moving without me," Hill says. After running the knife along the veins in her wrist, she thought of her family and supporters, the people she had let down already and would be hurting again.

"I realized I couldn’t do it," she wrote. "I don't get to quit. I have to keep going forward, and be part of the fight to create the change that those young girls are counting on." Hill had resigned her congressional seat in October after allegations of an inappropriate relationship with an aide and nude photos of her were sent to a conservative website.

Hill maintains that her estranged husband is behind the downfall. She had tried to leave, she says in the Times, once just before she was elected in 2018.

"He made it clear to me that if I left, he would ruin me." When she moved in with her mother later, she says, "The fear that my husband would ruin me hung over me every day." That's what she says happened with the release of the nude photos: "I believe my husband is the source of the images." Whatever is next for her, Hill writes, surely will include more pain.

"But I'm in the fight," she says, "and I’m glad it's not all over after all."

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