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Pro wrestler La Parka dies

Los Angeles Times — Houston Mitchell Los Angeles Times

Jan. 12--Pro wrestler La Parka, whose real name is Jesus Huerta Escoboza, died Saturday, reportedly from complications of a near fatal ring accident in October. He was 55.

Escoboza is not the most famous La Parka, as he was the second man to wear that mask. The original, Adolfo Tapia, known to many in the U.S. from his tenure in WCW in the late '90s, wrestles now as L.A. Park.

Escoboza was wrestling in Monterrey, Mexico in October when he leaped through the ropes, aiming for his opponent outside the ring. He missed and hit his head on the guard rail separating the fans from the ring, and also hit his head on the floor. He underwent surgery but was paralyzed.

Escoboza wrestled for about 10 years before Tapia, the original La Parka got into a dispute with Antonio Pena, owner of Mexico's AAA promotion, and left the company. Pena gave the gimmick to Escoboza, who was wrestling at the time as La Parka Jr.

Escoboza became a top star while wrestling as La Parka, who had a unique skeleton mask.

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