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HBO confirms no ‘Game of Thrones’ sequels are currently in development

BGR — Chris Smith

Game of Thrones may be over for the time being, and many fans are still licking their wounds after what they’ve had to endure in season 8, but George R.R. Martin’s universe will continue to deliver new stories in the coming years. But an Arya spinoff following her as she travels west of Westeros isn’t in the cards, HBO confirmed, as it elaborated on what comes next in the Thrones televised universe.

Talking to Deadline, HBO programming president Casey Bloys said that HBO is taking its time with the prequel, which will be a show that has virtually nothing to do with the original Game of Thrones series:

The pilot will be shot in June, the executive reveals, without committing to a premiere date. “Shooting a pilot in June and having it on the air a year later feels a little rushed, but it’s too soon to tell,” Bloys said, suggesting that the new show would launch in late 2021 at the very earliest.

As for other Game of Thrones offshoots, Bloys said that HBO wants to focus on the so-called Bloodmoon pilot initially, and then the network will decide whether or not to move forward with more projects:

Bloys is right to want to do it right. After all, we waited two years for the finale, and we still got Starbucks cups, water bottles, and rushed episodes, so we don’t want any of that ever again. Bloys also said that he doubts that there will be more prequels starring Naomi Watts, revealing that the casting for the pilot was completed a few weeks ago, and they’re now busy in Belfast prepping and getting ready to start shooting.

To get back to Arya Stark and her Game of Thrones finale, Bloys added that the company isn’t considering any direct spinoffs from Game of Thrones, so don’t get your hopes up for a true sequel series:

He said as much in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, where he also confirmed that there are two other scripts based on Martin’s universe that are in development, and there are no plans to put more in development for the time being.

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