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How to find out when missing movies are going to be available on Disney+

BGR — Jacob Siegal

Disney+ launched with over 600 shows and movies on November 12th, and no matter how much you’ve binged since then, there’s no way you have seen more than a fraction of what it has to offer. That said, this is just the beginning for Disney’s streaming service, and even though it is currently stuffed to the gills with massive hits like Toy Story, Avatar, Avengers: Endgame, and the entire Star Wars franchise, there are some notable absences.

As Lifehacker noted this week, there are a handful of blockbuster movies that are currently tied up with other deals and services, which means subscribers are going to have to wait a while to watch them on Disney+. The good news is that you can still find them on the service and see when they will be available.

As you can see in the screenshot below, Disney+ has already built landing pages for upcoming content into the app, with a note that explains why the content isn’t currently accessible and provides a release date:

Also, if you tap on that plus sign next to the Play Trailer button, you can add the movie to your Watchlist so you won’t forget about it in the interim. And there are plenty of major movies you might want to add to your Watchlist, a bunch of which we’ve compiled into a list of direct links that you can check out below:

There will be plenty of other content coming to Disney+ in the weeks and months and even years to come, but these are some of the biggest missing pieces at launch. Thankfully, you can mark them all down on your calendar and play the movies right from your Watchlist the minute they become available on the service.

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