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'Doomsday' Mom Lori Vallow Faces Horrifying New…

Monday brought two new developments in the case of Lori Vallow's dead children.

FDA Announces Nationwide Ice Cream Recall

Ice cream sold at Publix, Walmart and other may grocery chains have been recalled across the country.

Fox News Star Launches Surprising Attack Against…

Fox News host Laura Ingraham called out fellow conservatives in what the Daily Beast describes as "apocalyptic" terms earlier this week.

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Doctor's Simple Experiment Demonstrates Why You…

“What does a mask do?" Dr. Rich Davis recently posted a simple demonstration that shows the principle of the face mask.

Iconic Crime Series Makes A Comeback

The stories in Netflix’s 'Unsolved Mysteries' reboot are new. The sense of delicious dread you feel when you hear the unsettling intro music…is not.

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Remains Found In Search For Missing Fort Hood…

Human remains have been found in the search for Vanessa Guillen, the 20-year-old soldier missing from Fort Hood.

Family Confirms Death Of Longtime Actress

The award-winning actress died in her sleep at her Beverly Hills home over the weekend.

Royal Family 'Silenced' Meghan Markle: Court Docs

Meghan Markle's ongoing battle with the British Mail tabloid reveals that the Duchess of Sussex did not feel she was protected by the royal family while she was pregnant. Meghan is suing the newspaper group for privacy violation after it published parts of a letter she sent her estranged father,...

Court considers status of Istanbul's iconic Hagia…

Turkey’s highest administrative court is considering a request for Istanbul’s iconic Hagia Sophia, a cathedral-turned-mosque that now serves as a museum, be converted back into a place of Muslim worship

How Some People End Up With Brewery Inside Their…

A few years ago, a woman in upstate New York was charged with a DUI even though she’d only had four drinks over the course of six hours. It was soon after discovered that her body had turned into a brewery of sorts and was making its own alcohol. She’s not the only one with that problem. It’s an actual condition called auto brewery syndrome and greatly impacts the lives of those who suffer from it.

Donald Trump Calls Black Lives Matter Mural a…

Donald Trump Calls Black Lives Matter Mural a ‘Symbol of Hate’ On Wednesday, President Donald Trump denounced New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s recent support of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. In a statement to MSNBC, de Blasio said he had ordered the painting of BLM murals throughout the city, including in front of Trump Tower. De Blasio said the placement would be an intentional message to Trump, one that “we want the president to hear.” Bill de Blasio, to MSNBC In response, Trump took to Twitter and accused de Blasio of disrespecting the police. Trump also declared the BLM mural to be a “symbol of hate" that would be "denigrating" to the "luxury" of 5th Avenue. Donald Trump, via Twitter

Trump Explains Why He Doesn't Wear a Mask

Is President Trump reversing course on masks? The POTUS told Fox Business on Wednesday that while he's not convinced the US needs a national mandate on face coverings, he has "no problem" with them. "I don't know if you need mandatory, because you have many places in the country where...

Digital Payment Is On The Rise

In the US, the in-store mobile wallet space is becoming increasingly crowded. Most customers have an option provided by their smartphone vendor, like Apple, Android, or Samsung Pay. But those are often supplemented by a myriad of options from other players, says Business Insider. PayPal, banks, card issuers, major retailers, and restaurants all offer similar cards and deals. US in-store mobile payment volume will quintuple in the next five years. Some of the top mobile payment wallets include Microsoft wallet, Samsung pay, and Wisa VDCA.

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State Leaders Are Rethinking Reopening; Some…

The number of confirmed daily cases in the U.S. has roughly doubled over the past month.

Strong storms move through Virginia Beach

Storms on July 1 produced heavy rain and pea to dime size hail in the Kempsville area of Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Ode To Passion

Trailer for 'Ode to Passion' starring Giuseppe Bausilio, Julia Nightingale, Jeff Smith, Kaylor Otwell, Marcus Harmon

Bad News for Trump on His Niece's Tell-All

A New York judge's order blocking Mary Trump's upcoming tell-all stood for just one day before an appellate judge in the state reversed it. The latest judge ruled Wednesday that Simon & Schuster can move forward with plans to release the memoir by President Trump's niece, Too Much and Never...

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This FBI Team Probes 'Disruptions in the Spirit'

The FBI surrounded Don Miller's farmhouse with ATVs, squad cars, and a command vehicle—but this was no gunpoint arrest. It was the FBI's Art Crime Team, which scoured Miller's Indiana residence in 2014 and found about 42,000 items including mammoth tusks, a shrunken head, dinosaur eggs, and enough...

China accuses India of targeting Chinese imports…

China has called on India to stop unspecified discrimination against Chinese goods and companies in the midst of tensions over a border clash

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Researchers Discover This Striking New Crayfish…

Researchers have discovered a striking new burrowing crayfish species in Alabama and given it a very memorable name.

Fox News Fires Ed Henry Over Sexual Misconduct…

Fox News Fires Ed Henry Over Sexual Misconduct Allegation Henry, one of the network’s top news anchors, was fired following a complaint made against him by a former employee. Fox News chief executive Suzanne Scott and President Jay Wallace announced the firing in a company email. Suzanne Scott and Jay Wallace, via email Scott and Wallace also shared that rotating anchors will fill in for Henry as they search for a replacement. Henry served as co-anchor for ‘America's Newsroom’ after joining Fox in 2011.